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Wednesday, 3 February 2010

StUfF i LiKe: Baruch Love!!!

Its Baruch By Angela Knowles! The very Talented Ghanaian Designer. I've featured some of her stuff on my blog and I'd like to Big up Miss Knowles some more. Her clothes are just beautiful! 2010 = Big things I can see and her stuff has been featured in LOOK magazine!! Details:

Limbs!!! Girl About Town

Hot Hot Hot! Its my sexy friend Shradha a.k.a Limbs, doing what she does best...Looking buff! I am especially drooling over this cardi teamed with the brown belt over those hot denim shorts..and the heels...gotta love it. As always Limbs...Loving your work! xxx

Monday, 1 February 2010

For My Husband...Inspired by my parents

One of my latest pieces I put up on facebook....enjoy!

Lets hold hands. Lets pretend that day is night and that birds can talk. While we're at it lets stroke the frogs and ask the moon not to tell anyone we're here by ourselves. Mother doesnt have to know, father doesnt have to know. Ah the joys of young love. Young love on his part though for there is nothing young about the sag of my 59year old breasts and the lines of laughter that have framed my eyes.
I say young on his part but he is only young at heart. Nothing about his 60year old frame is young but when i look at him I am transported back 45years when we first met. The world was new and fresh and ours. Those were the days when we didn't have to pretend that day was night and the moon didnt tell a soul we were out by ourselves. Mother didnt know, Father didnt know.
I grasp his hand and lean in to kiss him. It is saturated with years of love and understanding. It is unlike the kisses we shared ages ago, ones that left us breathless, led to broken glasses and the police knocking on our door to ask us why there was so much noise. This kiss however says 'you've always been the one'. He looks back and i know he understands, we've never needed words. Mother always knew Father always knew.~