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Monday, 1 April 2013


I will try anything once. Literally. Of course speed dating was on my bucket list of things to do before I turn 25! There's lots of speed dating events to go to in London and once I'd coerced a friend to go with me it was on. Whilst I wasn't on the hunt for true love I was curious to see what these types of events would be like and if the talent would be worth it.

My friend and I were nervous, but cue the wine and dutch courage we were ready to have a good time and boy did we meet some men! The girls stayed seated and the men would rotate seats after every 4 minutes. The conversation generally started with the banal niceties and 'what do you do?' and 'what are your hobbies'. Nobody I would really consider seeing again although one brave soul did put his number in my phone whilst it lay on the table!

Getting back into the dating scene or even just getting started on dating can be daunting, speed dating can be a bit of an ego boost and really just a reminder that it shouldn't be all that frightening talking to someone new or a stranger in a bar. Even just as a girls night out, I would recommend it, it was fun and different. 5 I'm off to check off my bucket list!
Home girl and at the speed dating event!

My winning story on! ''BABY STEPS'' by Helen A Ampofo, Enjoy!!!!

We fell in love on the coldest day November had ever seen. It was the most cliché of stories. The most predictable of events, about as banal as love gets. It was one of those stories, one of those oh so common love stories. His stare pierced into my soul and if love had a smell I could just about feel it fill my lungs. I did warn you, cliché. 

I stared back, of course I did. We were falling in love it would be rude of me not to participate. After years of friendship it had come to this. We had been reduced to a scene straight out of a terrible mills and boon adaptation. I'd assumed love would occur in the most dramatic of ways that it would take me by surprise. I thought it would manifest itself much like an earthquake or a terrible explosion. Instead love came as a soft knock. Moved to tears I accepted the stretched hand. How long we had been standing on that bridge I would never know, how long I had loved him? An eternity, an eternity and a day. 

Fingers entwined we headed east. Embarking on a journey so unexpected I gripped his hand tighter. I'd killed her; he would forgive me though wouldn't he? It is the most widely accepted notion that love is kind is it not? That to love someone is to love them to the point of incurable madness. 

With steely resolve I decided to banish the thoughts. The patter of small feet rang in my ears. I had never heard them before but I knew what they sounded like. Baby steps that would never be heard. I had killed her.