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Friday, 5 August 2011


I've been subbed to her channel for a while now and I just wanted to know more.....i was intrigued, the make up is crazy and wild but I love her confidence and how she lets the haters just roll off her back. I caught up with StayFabulus from YouTube and here is what she had to say .............

First of all, you know I have to ask, are you pulling our legs or do you really stand by the looks you create?

uluss: Haha

What inspires your make-up looks

StayFabuluss: God gave me a creative mind & He gives me ideas

What fashion item are you really loving this summer

StayFabuluss: eyelashes

You get a lot of negativity on your channel, but I must say quite a bit of love too, how do you deal with the negative things people have to say?

StayFabuluss: it's funny and uplifting...thanks

What is the one make up item you cannot live without.

StayFabuluss: lipstick!!!

And lastly what advice would you give to someone who is lacking in confidence or is afraid to be themselves....

StayFabuluss: Confidence comes from other way to get it...peace:)

Dont forget to check out her channel guys :


  1. I watch her channel!! lol

  2. Oh damn I fout that it was a guy pretending to be a women. Opps my bad, but easy mistake I suppose


  3. At first I thought she was playing a trick on us. But this is actually who she is. Her style & make-up isn't for me. But I love love love her confidence. I could do with some of that.

  4. she comes off as a douche in this interview.... What an asshole.

  5. i agree! she didnt even answer the question on whether she was messing with her subbies or not

  6. this all HAS to be a joke there's people who are bad at make-up yes but this brings that to a whole different level i dont know if she's a partner of youtube but shes most likely just using this to make money.