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Saturday, 4 February 2012

A Morning Rant

Enjoying my weekend! Its one of those chilled out weekends where I don't do squat :) Don't you just love days like that. Looking forward to extreme messiness with the girls tonight, its been a while. Life is mellow, I like it. My love life is pretty non existent right now, shit is mellow, its MELLOW, I'm liking that word now. Lets be mellow, lol. You know whats not mellow though, Valentine's day and all of its generic love hype! I hate valentine's day so much because I actually love it so much, lol if that makes any sense. This year I will be celebrating it as a singleton, and it just reminds me of first year uni, I had the worst valentine's day ever, crying.....chocolate.....Bridget Jones's Diary...the works, I'm such an idiot! Oh well, this year I'll make it mellow, maybe have drinks with my single friends? Enjoy your weekend guys. Love you!

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