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Saturday, 18 May 2013

A Morning Rant

Gearing up for a driving lesson even though I am thoroughly exhausted! I've taken up yoga and all things Namaste like. Channeling my chi and all that.

Its been a busy/weird week, on the one hand I've been focused on getting some things done all the while letting other shit slide. Time to regroup and focus on the big things and let the little things slide. I've realised you really cant get your hopes up too high and recognition for hard work should come naturally and should never be forced. If you're doing things/volunteering your time/effort/skill just to get something in return then you are doing it all wrong.

This week I've also learnt that you can't want something for someone, sometimes you just have to let people find their own way, be a motivator but never a pusher in a negative way. I've also learnt that when people do you wrong you might be desperate to let them have it, desperate to spew and hurl your rehearsed lines of why they have you. I guess we are all looking for closure. Find closure in yourself, write down how you feel, rip up the paper and let it go!

Life is too short not to be brave.

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