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Monday, 22 August 2016

Take the L

Mate listen, sometimes you fall flat on your face and I’m not going to add ‘and that’s okay’, because guess what sometimes it’s not. It’s shit when life hands you shit cards.

Sometimes you fail in life and its downright embarrassing and it may take a while to recover from a setback. Sometimes you take a massive blow to your ego at work, in your love life or even with your family and you try and suck it up like ‘I got this’- nah my G, sometimes you haven’t got it and that’s what’s okay- accepting that you can’t control everything.

Admitting that we are all human and prone to fucking up big time actually reduces the L. It’s a humbling experience when life slaps you on the bollocks. Own your L, learn from it and keep it moving. You can’t always be the hero- every story needs a jackass of some sort and sometimes it’s you~ Namaste

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