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Thursday, 8 September 2016

Tips for feeling good!

Today's world is stressful and in the pursuit of making a living, staying afloat and in fact staying alive period, it's easy to see why so many of us neglect to properly take care of ourselves. Here are a few of my top tips for feeling good!


Nothing beats starting your day off with a nice hearty breakfast to fuel the mind and body. I always opt for a good balance of fat protein and carbs and find that a bowl of porridge with nuts and fruit sets me up nicely. It helps stave off cravings for high fat and processed foods.


Exercise helps to release feel good hormones that make us happier and less stressed. I find a lot of comfort in working up a good sweat at the gym or sometimes just by taking a walk. Find an activity that you love and do it with a friend or even by yourself. Get ready to bask in a pool of serotonin and endorphin!


Make time for yourself  and by this i don't mean hours double tapping Instagram posts! Put your phone away, turn off the telly and try a digital detox. A lot of the stresses of the world are documented on social media and in 2016 you're only clicks away from being bombarded by the latest tragedy. All this definitely has an effect on us and every now and again it can be refreshing to switch off. Maybe indulge in some mediation, reading a book (hard copy for nostalgia)  or simply relax at home.


Nothing quite beats a chin wag with your best mates. Plan a day out dedicating to lots of laughs. If nights out on the town stress you out switch it up. Opt for something different. Stay in, stream a film or just a brew a few cups of tea and prepare to LOL.

Taking care of your well-being is paramount. It's always important that you put yourself first and not overwhelm yourself. Sometimes generic cosmo style tips simply don't work, sometimes simply taking a walk or hanging with friends isn't something you feel quite up to- and that's okay. Take baby steps and feel free to try new things as often as you can and as often as you feel like it! 

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