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Friday, 29 October 2010


I've been in love with ths girl' s dop e make up for quite a while now and i thought I'd dub this weekend Talent weekend! I asked h er a few questions...Enjoy!

Would you consider yourself a make up guru?

What do u enjoy most about make up?
I enjoy the transformation the most.....

Whats the one make-up item you simply can't live without?
Its gotta be lip balm for me, cant live without it

Whats the best way to find what foundation works for you?
Test it on your jaw line and maybe at the back of your hand

What advice can you give any make up lovers out there for achieving the perfect going out look??
Sticking to neutral colours really helps for day time makeup, and for evning makeup maybe add alittle more colour to brighten your eyes and darker colours if u wanna go smokey. And remember that blending your eye shadows can give a perfect result.!!!

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