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Wednesday, 8 December 2010


Sooooo, I virtually live on youtube... well why not? Its a well of information and since I've been on my weight loss journey, my hair journey and even my make up journey its been sooo sooo sooo helpful. One of the ladies I love to watch is Sharmaine369 and I managed to corner her for one of my interviews. I love her hair! :)

1.Would you consider yourself a youtube guru?

Do I consider myself a youtube guru? Not yet, but I will be! I just started making videos and giving advice almost a year ago, I think it requires a lot of knowledge to be considered a guru and I'm still learning as I go. I believe in the near future though I will be considered one, but in the mean time I'm just taking this experience as it comes :)

2. What have you enjoyed most about being on a hair journey?

Since being on my hair journey I've enjoyed seeing the progress my hair has made, before my hair journey my hair was not very healthy so just seeing how far my hair has come is something I really enjoy. Besides seeing my progress, I've really enjoyed helping other young women on their hair journeys and just giving them advice on their hair. When I was younger I wish I had someone to tell me how to take care of my thick hair, but I never had that guidance so if I can help some young girl or woman I'm happy!

3. Can black women really grow long healthy hair?

Yes! Black women can grow long beautiful healthy hair, black hair requires a lot of attention and once a person begins to learn what her hair needs she will then start to see a huge change in her hair. Believe it or not, our hair communicates with us all the time. Our hair lets us know whether it needs moisture, protein, or just some simple TLC. We have to in a sense listen to our hair and spoil it, in the end we will have long healthy hair.

4. What's the best advice you would give to anyone struggling with hair growth?

The best advice I would give to someone regarding hair growth would be to reevaluate their hair regimen. When hair is healthy and getting all that it needs hair will grow. However, if there is nothing wrong with the hair regimen then I would suggest different growth aids like MSM, biotin, castor oil, sulfur, and other things related to stimulating growth.

5. Okay on to some beauty questions.. whats the one make up item you can't live without?

The one makeup item that I can't live without would be my Covergirl Trueblend Mineral Bronzer in golden sunrise, it's such a gorgeous bronzer and at times when I don't feel like putting on foundation I just use my ELF studio powder brush to apply it. The bronzer gives such a pretty glow, I absolutely love it!

6. Whats the biggest fashion and make up mistakes you see us women do these days?

The biggest fashion mistake that I see women make these days would be booty shorts, even though it's starting to get cold in the summer time the booty shorts come out. I'm a college student and on my campus during the spring time some women feel the need to wear really short shorts to the point that you can see the start of their butt cheeks and it's horrid! As far as makeup goes I haven't seen too many makeup mishaps, but I'm not a huge fan heavy cakey foundation.

7. Are you currently single, shacked up or looking for love?

I'm single! :)

8. And finally, what advice would u give to young women who want to be more confident?

For young woman who want to be more confident the number one advice I could give is to not care about what others think about you and start believing that your happiness matters. When I was in my preteens I had low self esteem, but as I grew older I realized that this is who I am and if I don't love myself then how can others love me. Every women needs to realize that she is beautiful, strong, and worthy of the best things that life has to offer!


  1. She is a beautiful young lady and it does shine through in her videos, I think that is what makes her stand out in youtube's not so much the fancy editing or lighting and visual stimulation (other than her hair of course) but her personality is just captivating. When you watch her, even if you started out having a bad the end of her video you can't help but smile and she gives such common sense advice like "ah-ha" moments all the time. love her

  2. @Missemocha I'm not sure if I am suppose to comment on my own interview, but thank you so much for your beautiful words! I love you :) @Helen and thanks again Helen for having me on your awesome blog! Gotta go now I have class in 15 minutes :/ hahaha peace!

    -Tonya (Sharmaine369)

  3. you're very welcome! i enjoy ur videos soo soo much, pls tell ur subbies about my blog so I can make it a bit more interesting. xxx