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Friday, 24 December 2010

StyLe DiArIeS:Doreen

Doreen is a fashion blogger whose style I lurv... I caught uo with her just to get the scoop on what influences her style:
I adore most people in the fashion world and even people I see on the streets but I my fashion inspirations stem from my mood.
Although I love classic vintage and masculine inspired looks, I'm never able to put my style into any specific category because I tend to wear what I feel. So I would say that my style is pretty much eclectic, ranging from girly and feminine looks to classic vintage and tailored looks.
Since I'm a college student, my life basically revolves around school and so i'm not able to look as crazy as i want for lectures lol. In my perfect world, I would be playing "dress up" and wearing heels everyday but since this is the real world, I have to tone it down for lectures.
One of the things love and tend to wear the most are blazers just because it transforms every outfit and gives it a very bossy and expensive look.


  1. It looks great hun, thanks a ton for the feature!

    Stay gorgeous!

  2. anytime :) love your style !