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Saturday, 5 September 2015

Diary of a Sankwas girl

I often talk about having 'transport rage' jokingly of course. But today it hit me. I am ANGRY. In fact I'm livid. Or at least I can be. I didn't realise how angry I was until someone 'accidentally' grazed my arm as they hurried for their train. My reaction was anything but ladylike. And then a second later I felt guilty and had to ask myself why on earth I'm so angry.

Actually I might have realised yesterday that I was seething when a lady tried to cut the queue in Sainsbury's and I gave her the dirtiest look and reminded her 'there's a queue'- with a lot of head bopping might I add.

I don't know why I'm feeling the rage or have been feeling the rage in the last few days. Especially since I'm attempting to channel my inner zen and change the way I look at life. What I am liking though is the self- awareness these days. Being able to recognise that I feel a certain way, even if I don't know why. I'm not a fan of feeling like a 'victim'. If you can't change some shit around you, change your attitude towards it.

That said, I'm going to work hard on putting 'transport rage' on the back burner, and yes supermarket rage as well- lol. It's energy I can spend one feeling better, being better.


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