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Thursday, 6 October 2016


I'm not feeling it. My moods yo yo so violently sometimes it's pretty scary. Looking back at this picture definitely makes me feel good. I'd been vegan for about 2 or 3 months, I'd had a colonic that morning( sorry for the TMI), my ex was texting, work was going great- I was feeling myself. Fast forward to tonight on this train in the frumpiest sweater i own, it feels like a 
different me.

Do you ever think back to your 'feeling yoself' moments and long for that feeling? Wish you could transport yourself Back to that time, bottle all that swag sauce (don't judge me) and bring it back with you ? I know I do.

When I feel like I've lost my mojo I reflect on the reasons why I felt that good at the time I felt my most 'me' and happy . sometimes I write down the things I did at the time that made me feel good. 

More often than not I was probably exercising more, sleeping way better, avoiding coffee and not spending a shit ton on nonsense. The reverse of this over a prolonged period often makes me
Feel anxious and just generally like poop. 

Quite often we already have the formula. We know what makes us feels good and what doesn't. Don't get me wrong, the right formula can sometimes be no match for serious issues like depression or anxiety. Sometimes feeling like you've lost your mojo is not easily rectified by going to bed at 8pm and eating your rice and cabbage. These things can however help you feel better. Go easy on yourself; you're only human. 

Rediscover your happy place and take steps towards it. Phone your most supportive friend turn up that music, put your make up on, go for a run, tell yourself you're bomb and reclaim that mojo~ Namaste 

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