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Monday, 10 October 2016


Before the clock hits 5pm you are lethargic, not motivated and just plain over it. The clock strikes 5 pm and suddenly you’re filled with renewed excitement and zeal…. well where the heck did that all energy come from?

I work a 9-5 and I’m the first to admit that I am a certified pay check slave and I live for 5pm. Whilst I love my job and my boss I’m currently suffering severe career envy and looking forward to the day 5 pm isn’t and escape number.

The saying ‘find a job you love and you’ll never work a day in your life’ is one that
I absolutely love and what’s more inspiring than watching someone follow their passions and make it their livelihood.  I’m rediscovering my passion for writing and sharing and boy does that feel good.

5pm still haunts me because it’s a reminder that my day isn’t for my own passions, it’s for building someone else’s and whilst that sucks- mama’s gotta eat.

I’m hoping that if I dive so far deep into the things I love 5pm may just represent an escape from one world into another one- one so exciting 5pm is an appealing number.

Are you stuck in a rut? Living for Friday, living for 5pm, not even living at all? I feel your pain man. What are passions, can you live for those instead? Can 5pm simply become the window into an exciting adventure? Let’s stop living for 5pm shall we? ~ Namaste

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  1. I feel i should start doing this too... the sharing aspect.